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Parrish Smith (PMD of EPMD) has been building a solo career for more than 22 years. Three albums, starting 1994's Shade Business showed just was PMD was able to do on his own, both as an MC and producer. Since 2003's slept-on The Awakening, Parrish has been much more quiet than his partner on the solo tip. The new album brings the groove back to the EPMD sound and Parrish owns his greatness. The MC talks slick, lays out his accolades, and explaines just why his rhymes are ageless.


Extra Mini-Poster
Tonträger Digipack CD
Plattenfirma Goon MuSick
Erscheinungsdatum 06. Oktober 2017

Track Listing

01. Intro

02. Prodigy Tribute
featuring: Agallah & Charlie Marotta Guitar

03. Mic Doc

04. Trans

05. Slow Your Roll
featuring: Ace Brav & RJ Da Realst

06. Gimme The Mic
featuring: Ace Brav & RJ Da Realst

07. The Real Is Gone
featuring: Erick Sermon (EPMD)

08. One

09. Take Notes
featuring: Ace Brav & RJ Da Realst

10. All I Got ft Cashino

11. Belly Of The Beast
featuring: Ace Brav & Leek

12. Moment Of Truth
featuring: Ace Brav & Leek

13. Spirit
featuring: RJ Da Realst, John Jiggs & Dinco D

14. How Many Times
featuring: RJ Da Realst

15. You Know Who The Best Be
featuring: RJ Da Realst, Nocturnal & Agallah

16. Good To Go

17. Outro 2020


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