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Big Kurt hailing from Taunton Massachusetts is the latest Artist on the Goon MuSick roster. The M.A.B.U.S. Mixtape is the 3rd part of the Serious Business Mixtapes series and this part is Hosted by DJ Statik Selektah and mixed by DJ Crypt of the Snowgoons DJs. With the Intro and Outro the Mixtapes holds 22 Tracks features by Sicknautre, Reks, Esoteric, Slaine, Termanology, Savage Brothers, Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary, Dilyrium and many more. Production from Snowgoons, Statik Selektah, Dilyrium and many other makes this album very versatile. Lyricist and wordsmith Big Kurt picks topics going from conspiracy theories to injustice all the way to head coppin battle skillz. Fans of A.O.T.P., Jedi Mind Tricks, Rittz, Snowgoons or Tech N9ne will have fun with this Mixtape.


Extra Signed by Big Kurt
Physical Recordings SlimCase CD
Record label Goon MuSick
Release Date Feb 25, 2016

Track Listing

01. J.F.K. (Intro)

02. M.A.B.U.S.

03. The Every Rapper

04. I'm A King
producer: Marshall Law

05. Won't Go Down
featuring: Vendetta

06. Rocky's Dentist

07. Barbarian Ancestry
featuring: Sicknature (of Snowgoons); DJ Illegal (of Snowgoons)
producer: Snowgoons

08. High In My Parlor

09. Food For Thought
featuring: Reef The Lost Cauze (of Army Of The Pharaohs)
producer: Dilyrium

10. Wake The Fuck Up

11. I Have A Dream
producer: XXXThrillXXX

12. The Gate Keepers
featuring: Reks; King Spyda; Esoteric; Slaine (of La Coka Nostra); Termanology
producer: Statik Selektah

13. Ain't No Holding Back

14. Find The Answers

15. Mad Rowdy
featuring: Savage Brothers; DJ Illegal (of Snowgoons)
producer: Deskbangahz

16. Can't Get Any Rest
featuring: Reef The Lost Cauze (of Army Of The Pharaohs); Planetary (of Outerspace)
producer: Marshall Law

17. Touch The Sky

18. Bang
producer: Producerboyz

19. Get Fucked Up
featuring: Dilyrium; Reef The Lost Cauze (of Army Of The Pharaohs)
producer: Dilyrium

20. I'm Fat

21. All Hail The King
producers: Isaiah; Iron Solomon

22. Outro


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